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Horacio Werner

Horacio has over 25 years of experience in leadership, business execution and corporate management in the technology and telecommunications markets. He has solid experience in general and functional management, direct and indirect sales, marketing, strategy, business development, corporate development, innovation platforms and change management. In the past, Horacio served as President and CEO for of Motorola in South America and General Manager of Operations in Emerging Markets and Global Director of Internet of Things (IoT) / Smart Cities at Cisco Systems. He was also Vice Minister of Economic Development and International Trade for the Government of the Province of Buenos Aires (Argentina).

As a businessman and entrepreneur, Horacio founded Digital Designs – Startup focused on technologies for digital-content distribution in collaboration with companies from Taiwan and the Silicon Valley.

During his career, Horacio also served as consultant to the Inter-American Development Bank and the governments of Germany, Spain and in the People’s Republic of China.

Horacio holds a magna cum laude PhD in Sciences from the University of Munich; Diploma in International Studies from the University of Berlin; Master's in Environmental Sciences and Urban Planning from the University of Navarra and Advanced  Graduate Business  Degree  from Austral University in Argentina.

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