Better infrastructure, better community life

We help bring financing to infrastructure & energy projects that improve people’s lives in communities all over the world.

•Pipelines to provide water to rural communities

•Electricity lines

•Irrigation projects to promote farming 

•Water treatment plants

•Desalination plants

•Schools & hospitals

•Social housing

If you are determined to generate social and environmental impact, as well as financial returns, TELAM has the projects you are looking for. 


We focus on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) throughout the lifecycle of our investments.

We comply with ESG matters within the countries and communities in which we operate. This means that, as well as delivering competitive returns for our investors, we seek to create businesses that benefit society through economic and social development.

Maintaining high ESG standards is not only the best way to mitigate risk in emerging markets, but it also represents a compelling opportunity to create value. That is why ESG considerations are a central part of our investment strategy and are included in all phases of our investment process.

Focusing on ESG is embedded in our risk analysis, decision-making and ownership practices for the investments we make. This results in companies with better governance, a more socially conscious focus, lower environmental impact and, ultimately, higher value.

To uphold high ESG standards, TELAM is committed to adhering to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment, the principles of the UN Global Compact, and using the IFC Performance Standards on Environmental and Social Sustainability as an international benchmark.

Good governance is essential to project management at TELAM, and we firmly believe being transparent and fair makes us better investors. We have a zero-tolerance approach to corruption and are committed to avoiding investments that do not minimize any negative social or environmental impacts.

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