Developed and under-developed countries are facing increasing needs related to infrastructure, technology & energy. Governments, corporations, municipalities, regions are committed to managing and improving infrastructure and energy needs with a long-term sight. Investors mapping is moving because of regulations, low yields, currency, social and sustainable commitments, among other drivers. Compliance, sustainability, climate, environmental issues, profitability, risk, yields, politics, regulation are complex drivers which require an experienced team to help projects, developers, sponsors, EPCs to get access to the appropriate finance sources and finance structure.  


At TELAM, we contribute value under traditional schemes, but also know what to do when those schemes are not aligned with current project needs and a new approach is required for success.

How can we help

  • Market Analysis

  • Investors selection based on

    • Volume

    • Region

    • Sector

    • Type of project

    • Risk & Liquidity

    • Profitability 

  • Our Sources of Funding are

    • Banks

    • Equity Funds

    • Debt Fund 

    • Corporate and Private Investors

    • Asset Managers

    • Multilateral Agencies & ECAs

    • Institutional Investors

    • Multy-Family Offices 

    • Foundations

  • Advise on Finance Scheme

    • Project Finance

    • Capital Market​s

    • Securatization

    • Direct Lending

    • Bounding

    • Others

TELAM, matching Investors with Projects 

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