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Emma Costa


Prior to joining TELAM, she worked for 18 years as a Relationship Manager and Business Developer in the Wealth Management area for several banks; BPES-Switzerland, RBC-Bahamas, GS-London, Citibank and Eaton Vance-London.

Throughout that time she had exposure to international markets and to multy-cultural clientele, which has led to great success in client acquisition and client Relationship Management and has acquired solid knowledge of Financial Products, Financial Industry, Structured Solutions and Capital Markets.

Emma has also worked at the ILO-United Nations (Geneva) for nine months, at the ICJ (International Commission of Jurists) doing Fundraising & Development for six more months and she volunteered at the Centre for Human Rights (Indigenous Peoples) at United Nations (Geneva) six months.

Her first work experience was at J&A.Garrigues-New York as a trainee lawyer in 1991.

She studied Law School at the University of Barcelona, Spain and the last year at UNED-NY(1992), She holds multiple certificates in Finance, Financial Products, Structured Solutions and Trusts.

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