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 IT & Disruptive Technologies

In today’s business environment there are only two types of industries: those that have already been impacted by new technology, and those that will be soon.

At TELAM, we advise innovative and disruptive businesses on how to advance their goals of breaking into new markets, and traditional organizations on how to accelerate their digital transition towards new disruptive models. We focus on different areas such as, financing, market entry, industrial escalation, policy advising and strategic intelligence.

TELAM offers: 

  • Tech and Digital: Robotics & AI, Telecommunications, Internet of Things, Apps and Mobile, Digital Platforms and Marketplaces, Big data, Makers and 3D production, Peer to Peer and Sharing Economy, Blockchain

  • Finance: Fintech, Crowdfunding, Payment Platforms, Digital Currencies

  • Energy: Strategic Markets, Renewables, Infrastructure, Energy Efficiency, Shale Gas, Carbon Segrestation

  • Water

  • Life Sciences: Biotech, Pharma

  • Public Sector: Innovation and Tech Agencies, Innovation Strategies for Political Parties

TELAM, your partner for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

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